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Making a great first impression

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Your business is one-of-a-kind, your content should reflect that too. 

In order to make a good first impression we need to be authentic and genuine. 

How can we do that?

FIRST, Sell with words. 

Good copywriting helps people understand what you offer.

Great copywriting makes people feel understood. 

This is the key ingredient that creates new clients using words. 

And, please, I beg you not to copy and paste from your competitors or wikipedia. 

You can get into big trouble for that and can get unranked on SEO. 

SECOND, Impress with images.

The best way to create trust is not by using stock footage that your competition is also using. 

Don’t use the same old photos that everyone in your industry uses. 

Get creative, take custom photos that put a spotlight on you and your business space. 

Even if you provide virtual services, showcase what makes your business unique. 

THIRD, Connect with videos

Show your potential clients what it is like to work with you using videos 

Let them see how the flow of your day goes by capturing it in a video. 

This lets them feel like they know exactly what you do and how you do it. 

By using these three tools, you can create a wonderful first impression for new potential clients online.